Do You Need Building Permits in Ontario?

If you are hiring a home improvement contractor, in most cases, they will look after obtaining the Ontario building permits themselves. There may be times when you are using the services of a handyman who will not take on this responsibility.

Not all renovations or home improvements require the need for a building permit, but you should check this out for sure before going ahead with any of your building projects. If you don’t, and you proceed with the building then you could be forced to tear it down, if it required a permit in the first place.

The building permits are governed by the Ontario Building Code Act. This act clearly defines when a permit is required. If you attend one of the government offices for this, they can quickly tell you if you need a permit. If you do then you will have to fill out an application that will have to be approved before you can go ahead with your project.

There is a long list in Ontario for the different types of building permits. In your case, you may be doing some type of home renovation or construction but it will still mean you have to get a permit. There are different guides that have been provided by the building permit office, and one of the more common ones for homeowners is the small residential projects guide.

This guide covers the construction of carports both attached and detached, decks and porches, or even improvements to the interior of the home. Even those that have a backyard pool and they want to construct a pool fence will most probably need a permit.

Don’t go on what someone else tells you about building permits. Be sure to check this out for yourself. In most cases, you will find that you need a permit if you are constructing a new building that is over ten square metres, and is in the area of your existing home or on your property.

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